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Welcome Kit

Each LiveCare member receives a quick-start welcome kit, including your connected smartphone and glucose testing attachment, testing strips and supplies along with instructions.

Glucometer Device

Your FDA-approved LiveCare glucometer arrives preactivated and may be used for glucose testing, diet and exercise logging and two-way voice and video communications with the LiveCare Health Center.

Live Support

LiveCare members are monitored 24-hours a day by experts in our LiveCare Health Center. When readings are out of range, our specialized nursing team will call or text in minutes to provide guidance.

Custom Alerts

Keep your personal health team and loved ones informed. LiveCare can share health reports with your doctor or send custom alerts automatically to friends and family if an out-of-range reading occurs.

Diet & Fitness Programs

Diabetic health can be greatly improved with proper attention to diet and exercise. LiveCare provides custom diet and fitness programs, and tracking, for the small behavior changes that lead to big results.

LiveCare Rewards

Making healthier choices can be rewarding. But to further motivate positive action, LiveCare rewards members with points which can be used to purchase gift cards, merchandise, and even vacations.

Frequently Asked Questions

To register as a LiveCare member you need to speak directly with one of our friendly agents. This will ensure proper onboarding and Medicare compliance. Complete this form to have a representative contact you or call +1 941 225 6699.
If you are an active Medicare recipient, there is no out of pocket cost for using LiveCare services. The connected smartphone device, monthly device fee, and monthly support services are all covered by Medicare.
The LiveCare service needs to be accessed using a dedicated LiveCare device and app. The device, fob, testing strips and supplies will be sent to you in the initial membership welcome kit. The device will be active when it arrives for easy use.
Yes. Your LiveCare testing data and personal information is always secure. We abide by all HIPAA compliance regulations and store your data as needed using compliant and security protected storage and servers.
Upon your membership set up you – and only you – can define the caregivers, family members and doctors you want to receive your test data in addition to the LiveCare Health Center staff. This allows your own personal health team to assist if readings are too high, low or absent.
Many health providers and physicians use LiveCare as their official Remote Patient Monitoring solution. In some instances, you may have been referred to LiveCare by your doctor. Even if your doctor isn’t a LiveCare subscriber, your test data can still be provided for their review.

LiveCare offers rewards points for active use of LiveCare services and regular compliant testing as prescribed by your customized plan. LiveCare Points are awarded monthly, viewable in the LiveCare app, and can be used to purchase gift cards and merchandise. 

You can make changes to your LiveCare membership at any time, including updates to your doctor, authorized data recipients, your address or if you should wish to discontinue service for any reason. You simply need to contact LiveCare with your membership number at +1 941 225 6699.


Here’s what happy LiveCare members say about our services:

LiveCare was there when I needed them. They’ve helped me feel more confident in my health choices and have made me more aware of the benefits of regular glucose testing.

Helen in Cape Coral, Fla.

Sandy at LiveCare called me when they saw that my numbers were too high. She patiently walked me through the steps I could take to lower them and followed up with me the very next day to see how I was feeling. Amazing support and personal attention!

Bob in Tampa, Fla.

My mother has always been inconsistent at properly testing for her diabetes. Now with the LiveCare service I know someone is looking out for her and will call when she doesn’t record her test when needed. They give me real peace of mind when I can’t be there.

Cathy in Charleston, S.C.

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