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Your patients need personal care once they leave your office to ensure that they perform compliant testing and make better health choices. But with a large patient population, that personal care can be hard to manage. LiveCare is your diabetic care partner, giving you the dedicated staff to serve your patients while enabling you to make the most of Medicare’s approved reimbursement for Remote Patient Monitoring services.

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Extend Your Care

LiveCare serves as an extension of your staff, providing quality, real-time support for your diabetic patients. With LiveCare, your patients have access to expert support, 24-hours a day.

Improve Patient Outcomes

Increased care and support improve overall patient health. The LiveCare program is proven to increase diabetic testing compliance while motivating patients to make healthy food and exercise choices.

Increase Test Visibility and Tracking

Patients can give your office direct access to their diabetic testing results along with other key health tracking including diet, blood pressure and more, so you have more visibility into their health patterns.

Custom Alerts

Be alerted when one of your patients has an out-of-range reading. This allows you to offer even greater personalized attention and allows you to act quickly on behalf of your patients when needed.

Free Your Staff

With access to the LiveCare Health Center, your patients won’t need to burden your staff with simple questions or needs. This means you and your staff have more availability to support additional patients.

Earn Monthly Revenue

LiveCare will act as your Remote Patient Monitoring agent for which you bill Medicare and pay LiveCare for its services upon reimbursement, giving you an untapped new revenue stream without additional resource requirements.


Here’s what happy LiveCare members say about our services:

“LiveCare has a real handle on this. You all are the first to offer me anything like this. Not another soul has said something like this to me, not even my doctor”

“This service is just really neat”

“I’m looking forward to getting and staying healthy and I know I can with LiveCare’s help.”