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Message From Our CEO

Jim Dalton, Chairman, Jack Brannelly, General Counsel, and I started LiveCare in April of 2018 based on our dream that telehealth and telemedicine was truly going to be the new way to care for people, especially the elderly. It is our belief that the current system does not give people the personal and caring attention they need and deserve. The current system was not focusing on the individual in need.

We set out to create and build a 24/7 Health Center staffed with doctors, nurses, dieticians and physical therapists available to our members and reachable anytime, day or night. We wanted our services to be available to the American public through the push of one button that connects to our Health Center providing real-time communication and support from one of our professional staff members. We wanted our services to provide medical and practical support telephonically…our staff is available even if one of our members is simply lonely and needs to talk.

I am proud to say that we have advanced to the third stage of realizing our dream. Today, we are operational and monitoring members. We have developed, acquired and deployed state-of-the-art equipment and technology that interfaces seamlessly with our Health Center which we built from the ground up. This has not been an easy task and all the structure and scalability are in place for our phase four growth plans. Our vision now is to launch into a sales program to grow our membership to 20,000. Yes, we will keep facing hurdles and challenges as any business does. But I believe the current environment is extremely favorable for our business and what we can do for our members.

We have been approved by the SEC to raise up to $50M under Regulation A; this means anyone may participate, not just qualified investors. We have started the process to go public and start trading which we expect to be completed soon.
We have no debt and no preferred classes issued creating any overhang. Our current common share count is under 20M. Our burn rate is extremely controlled, and we spend very wisely.

Truly, our only limitation for growth is capital on hand. We are looking for sophisticated investors who share our vision to help support our project. If you are interested, please call the Health Center at (407) 612-0450 and let the representative know that you would like to speak with me. I will return the call.

Max Rockwell, CEO

Max Rockwell, CEO